View, Add, Modify or Change Customers, Vendors or Accounts from a Grid

Many people who are comfortable with accounting software programs will avoid using things like Wizards and Setup Guides because they feel as though they are skilled enough not to require them.  If you’ve done this with Sage Simply Accounting’s “Setup Guide”, you may be missing some very useful functionality.  My experience is that this functionality often gets overlooked  because of its name as well since its name implies that it’s only required for the setup process.  However, it can also be a useful tool for maintenance, updates and integrity-checking.

By navigating to Setup > Setup Guide and then selecting Customers, Vendors or Accounts, you are able to view your data in a grid.  From here, you can also sort the data by the column headings by clicking on the relevant header.  This functionality allows you to quickly update your data, identify and correct errors, etc.  Note that you can also Cut, Copy and Paste in these fields by using the appropriate Windows hot keys (Cut: CTRL + X, Copy: CTRL + C, Paste: CTRL + V).